Monday, April 16, 2007

Show Details

- submit a maximum of 3 small-medium size pieces. we have 13' high ceilings so you can think "tall" but try to estimate under 3 feet wide.
- all work must be at MWM 400 Main Street Pawtucket, RI 02860 by 5/7
- include a letter stating what you are submitting, your name + address, dimensions, description, price, etc..
- installation will take place from 5/6-5/9 - specific hardware must be supplied by you!
- enclose pre-paid packing materials if you don't intend to sell your work but would like us to return it to you
- you may ask us to consider keeping your work on permanent display for sale at MWM if your work doesn't sell
- all work sold will be a 60/40 artist/gallery split. since this is a non-profit event, we will be generating funds via art sales, donations and beverage
sales to help cover your return shipping costs

- submissions in by 5/7
- Opening reception : friday 5/11 w/guest DJs
- Closing reception : friday 5/18 w/ musical performances by Ho-Ag, Ebu Gogo, Denimvenom, and The Awesome Brothers
- All work must be picked up 5/19 + 5/20 and/or shipping arrangements confirmed

What we need from you right now...
-info about what you think you'd like to submit, if you don't completely know, just give us an idea
- let us know if you intend to sell stuff at the craft table
-estimated dimensions
-will you drop off your work or mail it?
-are you coming to the opening/closing?
-what would you like us to do with your work?

Below is a list of those of you who are participating. If you are not on the list, please contact us asap so we can plan accordingly.

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